Have You Seen This Horse?

If you haven't, well maybe you should be looking for her. "Lexy", as we call her, is a picture of perfection. Put together GREAT and has the best personality you could ask for. She's more of a ladies horse, because she can act a little "danty" in the pasture and around the barn, but when you put her to work, there's nothing danty about her. She's all about getting it done. She's quick and agile, yet a dream to handle. She just came back from the finishing trainer and she's Ready To Go. If you're looking for a team penning or sorting horse, she's got what it takes. She's been worked on, of all things, buffalo, because they just don't quit, and neither does she. She's also been started on the barrels and poles and is doing quite well. She neck reins easily and works off leg pressure, too. She has a FANTASTIC stop and she can go from dead still to a full lope in one stride. She's not spooky or jumpy, stands well for the ferrier and is UDT on all vacines and wormings. She's still young and has a very bright future ahead of her. Maybe YOU could be included in that future. As you can guess from the posters below, our asking price is $3,500 and I think you'll agree that she's worth every penny of that. If you like what you see, please feel free to contact us.

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