I looked out my window and on the fields I saw
Running across the pasture and through the morning thaw
An animal of great beauty yet still tender in age
Who ran and jumped and kicked and bucked, but not out of rage.

He ran because he was FREE in body and mind and spirit
And even as his mother called, he was so free he didn't hear it.
A fine young colt, his head held so proud
Glistening in the sun and calling out loud.

"I'm FREE, I can run, and run I will do"
Because he is FREE, not for me or for you.
I admired the beauty of the conformation he had
For this is how I was taught to view him, by my dad.

But in him I saw more than muscle and bone.
I saw into the fiber of his soul was sewn
The FREE spirit, young, wild and alive.
He had within him, what I only dreamed to revive.

But he was a horse and FREE he must be
For all the world to admire and see.
For the freedom to run, jump, kick, buck and play
Is how a horse was meant to spend his day.

Saddle him, harness him with leather rope and chain,
His body you can harness and control, but his spirit, you can never tame.

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