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Once you determine the due date and number of days in foal, you may want to SEE what's developing on inside.

Click this link and see what your future baby looks like as it developes.

Click here to see how color combinations come together to determine the color of your baby.

calculate an approximate due date
enter last breeding date
in mm/dd/yyyy format

desired gestation duration:

estimated foaling date:

calculator for number of days in foal
enter last date mare was bred
in mm/dd/yyyy format

enter today's date:

estimated days in foal:

pregnancy vaccination schedule calculator
Last breeding date:
Month             Day        Year

estimated date of ultrasound,
palpation, or vaccination
#1 ultrasound
at 2 weeks
#1 palpation
at 4 weeks
#1 equine rhinopneumonitis
(optional) at 3 mo./12 weeks
#2 equine rhinopneumonitis
at 5 mo./20 weeks
#3 equine rhinopneumonitis
at 7 mo./28 weeks
#4 equine rhinopneumonitis
at 9 mo./36 weeks
all vaccines at 11 mo./44 wks
equine rhinopneumonitis (recommended)
due date,
based on 343 days or 49 weeks

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