Lucky T Tanch
It is the mare's owner responsibility to assure mares fertility

Mares owners name:________________________ Date:_______________
Phone #____________________ Emergency #________________________
Vets name_______________________ Number_______________________
Mares name:_________________________________________
Fees: These fees are non-refundable
* Stud fee $_______Mare care/ boarding fee___________ per/day includes: hay, feed, water, & pasture turnout
* Stud fee is Due before the stallion covers the mare.
Breeding Guarantee: (read and understand the "null and void" portion of breeding guarantee)
* Breeding to ____________________________. (Pastured bred and/or Hand bred)
* If mare fails to deliver a Live Foal, mare's owner has the option to rebreed the mare during ________ season, or
   replace the mare with an approved substitute mare, without any additional stud fees. If, after three "heat cycles",
   mare fails to settle or deliver a live foal, additional breeding fees will be required before any additional breeding
   attempts take place. Mares owner may also be required to provide certifications from a licensed DVM, as to
   mares breeding soundness
   and ability to settle.
Null and Void of Breeders guarantee: If mare's owner-
* Finds mare to be Infertile (or not able to conceive)
* Fails to pay fees due under this contract
* Allows mare to be exposed to another stallion during the breeding season
* Allows mare to be excessively ridden or used in competition after breeding
* Fails to keep up with the mares complete healthcare needs (including but not limited to: shots, vet care, feed
   and water.)
* Or if Mare dies
Additional information:
* A copy of the Mares AQHA papers and current neg. coggins must accompany mare
* A health cert from a vet dated within 30days.
* Mare's owner is responsible for any Medical fees such as palpation, worming, suturing, ultrasound or emergency
   services, etc.
* I give Lucky T Ranch permission to have my mare and/or foal treated by a DVM in case of an emergency or if
   need for urgent care arises. I understand and except that I am fully responsible for any charges that may be

* Mares owner agrees to release and hold harmless, Lucky T Ranch, for any injury to or death of mare and/or foal
   that may result from breeding, handling or in any other way, while in the care of Lucky T Ranch, provided
   reasonable care has been taken.

I shall not hold Lucky T Ranch or any of its representatives liable for any injuries that I may suffer while on
their premises. I am fully aware that activities involving Equine can be dangerous and even life threatening.

Mare and/or foal will not be permitted to be removed from premises until all fees are paid in full.

I have read, understand and agree to the above contract.

Owner/Representative: ________________________________________

Lucky T Ranch representative: ____________________________________