Quality American Quarter Horses

The name CARE doesn't stand for anything special. It's just that we believe that the care you give your horse is something worth bringing to the forefront with capital letters.

You see, if you own a horse, or are considering owning one or more, you know that a lot goes into planning on how you are going to care for them. There are many things to consider, including location, dietary concerns, exercise, safety, medical requirements, physical up-keep, tack usage and storage and many others.

The whole purpose of this page is to share with you, some of those things that we have learned over the years. We hope that you can find some of this information useful and we encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas (and even lessons you've learned) with us via our "Contact Us" link.

Below, you will find things organized by category. We encourage you to just "Dig In" and help yourself. Feel free to share anything that you find on these pages. Feel free to copy anything you find; that's what it's here for.

Tack Breeding

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